We presented ourselves in Ukraine


In the days of 3rd - 5th Oct 2013 UPEC Kharkov company hosted a working meeting of the Committee for the Coordination of production of freight railway vehicles and their components. The reason for this was an effort by UPEC to deepen the cooperation with Russian companies in both the production of new railway carriages and the repair and modernization of old ones. The invitation was accepted by companies from Russia and Ukraine, two representatives from the Czech Republic and one representative from Germany.
During the meeting Roboterm Chotěboř company had the opportunity to give a presentation of their devices with a focus on the use of induction heating in the production of components for rail vehicles and rail systems. The presentation took place at the local A.N. Beketov University in Kharkov.
All participants of the meeting visited particular workplaces of HARP Kharkov plant. Besides, the modernization of forging lines was shown to them as well as one heater of the first series of induction heaters KSO 1200/1,2-A30 which was delivered to HARP Kharkov plant.

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