Kompakte Induktionserwärmer der Typenreihe KSO-T

KSO-T-series medium-frequency billet heaters are designed for the inductive heating of steel billets with circular or square cross-section up to forging temperatures. The inductor is accompanied by a transistor-based frequency converter. The advantages of placing the frequency converter in the heater are:

  • saves overall cubic area displacement of the unit
  • lower contruction costs (no cable ducts)
  • faster/less-expensive assembly at your facility
  • avoids loss from mid-frequency cabling in the case of an external converter

The heater is comprised of three modules: feeding, heating and delivery. At the customers request, the heater can also be equipped with an automatic hot billet sorter.

Heater control is accomplished by a programmable logic controller (PLC). The temperature of every heated billet is monitored by a non-contact temperature sensor. Its temperature value and time stamp can then be stored in the PLC memory.  System control is performed via an interactive display panel and push-buttons all located at the main operation panel. Heater specifications (desired temperature, output power level, temperature range, employee code, etc.), are all set on the display.  Any system failures are also listed on this display.

Basic technical specifications

Series Output 100 kW 160 kW 200 kW 250 kW
Heated Material magnetic steel
Billet Dimensions Ø D, square (one side) D [mm]  10 - 50 12 - 50
Length [mm] 1,2 D - 150 1,2 D - 250 1,2 D - 300
Maximum Delivery Billet Temperature [°C]  1250
Maximum Process Capacity [kg/h]
220 360 450 600
Output [kW] 100 160 200 250
Frequency [kHz] 6 - 15 or 10 - 25 6 - 15
Input Voltage from Separating Transformer [V] 3 x 400
Power Input [kVA] 125 200 250 300
External Cooling Loop Consumption [m3/h] 2,4 4 4,8 6


Feeding module is designed for the feeding of cold billets to the inductor entrance.  With the KSO-T series, the feeding system is comprised of a chain conveyor, which delivers the billets to the area directly in front of a piston which pushes the billet into the inductor.  Billets can be placed on the conveyor manually, or a plate feeder can be used.  Information about our plate feeders is located in their own catalog list.


Heating module contains:

  • Mid-frequency capacitors
  • Water-cooling system
  • Busbars (water-cooled)
  • Control modules and wiring for the heater and converters
  • Main circuit breaker
  • Transistor-based frequency converter

The inductor is placed on top of the machine. New mid-frequency input connectors and cooling system quick-couplers allow for minimal down-time when the inductor needs to be changed out. We can design inductors with a square or circular heating chamber. Inductor dimensions can be interpreted by noting the model series, the following sizes are available: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50.  Of course, inductors of other dimensions can be designed, built, and delivered exactly to our customer's specifications.


The delivery module is designed for removal of the billet from the inductor core.
At the customer's request, the gravity chute can be coupled with:

  • Hot Billet Sorter which separates the billets leaving the inductor into the one of the three following classes:
    • Properly heated billets
    • Overheated
    • Underheated
  • Automatic billet separator

Examples of Series KSO-T Mid-frequency Heaters

Compact Mid-frequency Heater KSO-T 400/4-C30

Compact Mid-frequency Heater KSO-T 400/4-C30

The heater is used for induction heating of steel billets with circular or square-shaped cross-section up to forging temperature. The transistor frequency converter is built in the heater box thus the built-up more...
KSO-T 120/20

KSO-T 120/20

Compact Mid-frequency Heater - Power Class 120 kW is designed for the induction heating of cross-sectionally round billets to forging temperatures. It is equipped with a transistor-based converter. It is equipped more...
KSO-T 100/20

KSO-T 100/20

Compact Mid-frequency Heater - Power Class 100 kW is designed for the induction heating of cross-sectionally round billets to forging temperatures. It is equipped with a transistor-based converter. It is equipped more...

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