Induction Melting Furnace for recycled uranium ITPU 150/4 of output series 200kW


As a subcontracter we participated in the order of induction melting furnace for recycled uranium for UJP PRAHA JSC. The complete technology was made by CLASIC CZ Ltd, Řevnice. Our subcontract contains a thyristor frequency converter, a melting furnace box (capacitor bank), a furnace coil and a three-phase transformer.
Graphite crucible containig recycled uranium is placed in vakuum. It is heated under the influence of electromagnetic induction and subsequently the charge is melted.


Basic Technical Parameters ITPU 150/4

Melted material recycled uranium
Dimensions of graphite crucible Ø D [mm] 450
height  v [mm] 500
Power [kW]  200
Maximum charge mass [kg]  500

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