SOT 750/10 Mid-frequency Rod Heater, Power Class 750 kW

This heater is designed for the induction heating of rods with a circular cross-section made of ferritic spring steel.  The heater is equipped with a table that can be shifted forward and back, which allows the lining up of the inductor path.  The heater is controlled by a Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC).  The heater parameters (desired temperature, power level, temperature ranges, employee code, etc) is all set on the PLC display. Any system faults in the induction heating system are also displayed on this screen.

Basic Technical Parameters of the SOT 750/10

Heated Material ferritic spring steel
Rod Dimensions Ø D [mm] 8 - 14,5
Length l [mm] 1000 - 3000
Power [kW]  750
Maximum Rod Speed [m/s]  0,5
Maximum Process Capacity [kg/h]  2300
Delivery Temperature [°C] 940

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