Transistor frequency converter TRMK-R 45/15


Transistor frequency converter was made for company PRAKAB PRAŽSKÁ KABELOVNA, Ltd. Prague. Together with a mid-frequency transformer and an appropriate inductor it is used for induction heating of coper (Cu) and aluminium (Al) ropes.
An inductor is situated on a side of a box. The heated material moves through the inductor at a constant speed.
The frequency converter is controlled by the system consisting of a regulator, converters and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The converter is operated with buttons and a communication panel placed on the door of the frequency converter. Heating parameters are set on the communication panel where all failures of the heater are displayed in text, including the instructions for troubleshooting.
Wheels, which are a part of the transistor frequency converter box, make the entire device mobile.

Basic technical specifications TRMK-R 45/15

Nominal input values
Power Input [kVA]  54
Input voltage  [V]  3 x 400
Frequency [Hz]  50
Cooling water
Consumption [m3/h]  1,2
Input temperature [°C]  max. 32
Input pressure [MPa]  max. 0,4
Pressure loss [MPa]  0,2
Maximum warming thru loop [K]  13
Nominal output values
Output [kW]  43
Nominal output voltage [V]  200
Frequency [kHz]  14 - 15
Other parameters
Dimensions (d x š x v) [mm]  600 x 1310 x 1275
Weight [kg]  200
Cabinet IP 32
Color RAL 7035
Technical parameters of heated material
Heated material Cu a Al ropes
 Dimensions  Ø D [mm] 9,7 - 19
cross-section [mm2] 70 - 150
 Maximum heated amount [kg/h]  
Rated output temperature of the heated rope surface. [°C] 60 - 120

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