Reconstructed of Vibratory feeders VZ 1800 and VZ 1800L for induction heaters SOP 636/1-B45/P (L)


In the context of innovation vibratory feeders VZ 1800 a VZ 1800L for induction heaters SOP 636/1-B45/P (L) were reconstructed for Škoda Auto JSC Mladá Boleslav. The aim was to reduce the noise during the transport of billets and to increase the rate of their feed. During the reconstruction the feeder containers were replaced by a new type of containers which meet the above mentioned requirements.
The vibratory feeder is used for transporting the heated billets towards the induction heater. The billets move on the corkscrew path from the feeder container up to its outlet neck. Above the corkscrew path there are three limitors which navigate the moving billets and if it is necessary they throw the wrongly oriented ones back to the bottom of the feeder container. The billets move out from the vibratory feeder onto a horizontal conveyor.

Basic Technical Parameters VZ 1800 and VZ 1800L 

Billet Dimensions Ø D,  [mm] 70 - 90
Length l [mm] 1,4D - 450
Maximum Process Capacity [kg/h]  2500
Dimensions W x D x H [mm]  1800 x 1800 x 1980
Vibratory Drum Feeder Overall Weight [kg] 3450

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