The ROBOTERM spol. s r.o. company was gradually developed between the years 1991 and 1992 with the privatization of the then state-owned company ROBOTERM Chotěboř. Presently, our company employs over 50 employees with yearly sales of approximately 60 million Czech crowns.
Our employees have been solved issues in the field of drivetrain testing equipment for passenger and commercial vehicles since the beginning of the 90's.  During this time, we have designed and manufactured multiple generations of brake testers for passenger and commercial vehiclessuspension testers, and sideslip testers for passenger vehicles.
For solving new application processes of this type we partner with various companies, the primary of them being the FS Technical University in Liberec.
Up until the year 1999, all the systems we manufactured were exported.  The most notable of our customers are located in England, Belgium, Hungary, and Slovakia.  Our testing lanes can also be found in countries such as Brazil, France, Holland, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Turkey. In the current Czech market,  testing lanes with the ROBOTERM logo have been installed in 160 inspection centres and repair shops.

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