Test lane MLP/STA/RA

  • Modern computer control unit with 19" monitor and PC.
  • Fully automated test with a possibility of automatic printout.
  • Manual motor run.
  • Color brake force difference indication during the test.
  • Correct values in green color / wrong in red color.
  • Printer connection (inside the control unit).
  • Many different types of results printout ( with client/car data)
  • Safety functions during the system start up.
  • Motors / transducers IP55.
  • VGA monitor 19".

For suspension tester

  • Suspension dynamics for each wheel (curves)
  • EUSAMA for each wheel in %
  • EUSAMA unbalance in % front / rear
  • Damper quality for each wheel in %
  • Damper quality unbalance in % front / rear
  • Tyre stiffness for each wheel in N/mm
  • Tyre stiffness unbalance in % front / rear
  • Total, axle and wheel weights in kg or daN
  • Slide indication (in color).

For roller brake tester

  • Immediate brake graphics presentation on the monitor of control unit.
  • Immediate reaction to the brake force changement (strain gauge transducers).
  • Color brake force difference indication during the test.
  • Slide indication (in color).


  • Infrared remote controller.
  • Pedal force meter.
  • Color printer.
  • Opening covers.
  • Heat galvanized covers.
  • Control unit selection.

Katalogový list, instalační výkres STA-RA

Katalogový list, instalační výkres T-STA-RA

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