Roller brake testers MRT/RTB

  • Computer control unit with a pc-based 22" monitor
  • Fully-automated test with the option of automatic printout
  • Measuring results (including graphs) to database
  • Ability to run motors manually and individually
  • Option for immediately displaying braking force graph on-screen
  • Fast reaction to changes in braking force (tensiometer sensors)
  • Braking force asymmetry displayed in number values during the course of the test; indication when set limits values are exceeded
  • Colour display of wheel slip during the course of the test
  • Correct values are displayed in green, incorrect in red
  • Option to connect a printer (located inside the control cabinet)
  • Various printout results available (with the ability to enter client info, auto data, and service data)
  • Safety test during system start-up
  • Water-resistant motors and sensors
  • Zinc-plated construction 
Optional Accessories: 
  • Infrared remote controller
  • Sideslip tester
  • Pedal pressure meter
  • Air pressure transducers for testing pressure in the braking system
  • System weight adjustment
  • Load simulator
  • Option to test in both directions
  • Option to connect a recording tachometer
  • Ability to test vehicles for loose drivetrains
  • Printer compatible with Windows OS
  • Ability to choose different control modules
  • Option to choose numerous LED monitors of any size

Technical paper, installation drawing RTB

Technical paper, installation drawing RTB with lifting


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