Step Feeders

The step feeder is used to pick out cylindrical billets from a randomly poured bulk and arrange them in one row so that they can be subsequently processed by an automatic line. The step feeder offers the fastest feeding compared to robot (bin picking) and vibratory feeder. However, it has a smaller range of billet sizes than the vibratory feeder. An advantage is the possibility of elevating the billets to a height and a low position of the hopper. Our step feeders can feed billets with a diameter of 12 to 80 mm and a length of up to 300 mm.

Technical specifications
Type DZ-30 DZ-50 DZ-80
Billet Diameter D [mm] 12 - 30 20 - 50 40 - 80
Billet Length [mm] 1.4 D - 150 1.4 D - 250 1.4 D - 300
Stock Weight [kg] 500 500 750
Feeding Rate [pcs/hr] 1000 - 4000 1000 - 3000 800 - 2000




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