Vibratory bowl feeders

We produce heavy vibratory bowl feeders for automatic loading of billets.

The vibratory bowl feeder is used to continuously arrange the billets from the randomly poured bulk into one row one-by-one so that they can be subsequently processed by an automatic production line. The vibratory bowl feeder together with the bin tipper tends to be a cheaper and faster alternative to robotic bin picking.

The bowl is vibrated by vibromotors into helical oscillations carrying billets out of the feeder along the feed path. The magnitude of the oscillations is given by setting the eccentric masses of the vibromotors. The speed of the oscillations is regulated by the speed of the vibromotors. Our bowl feeders can be used for a wide range of round and square billet sizes. Vibratory bowl feeders

As standard, we produce vibrating hoppers in three sizes with a diameter of 1300, 1800 and 2400 mm, in left and right versions. Standard outlet heights are 1600 and 1800 mm. The feed path is made of wear-resistant steel with a thickness of at least 10 mm. This ensures a long service life even in continuous operation. The bowl feeder is usually filled by a bin tipper.

Optional equipment of the bowl feeder is a frequency converter, a side chute for emptying the bowl off the main track and a camera for monitoring the stock. If maximum feeding speed and minimum noise are required, we equip the vibratory feeder with automatic speed control depending on the load. The regulation keeps the vibration acceleration at the desired level and prevents the noisy jumping of the billets that occurs when the gravitational acceleration is exceeded. If the feeder is equipped with a speed control, the weight of the stock can be calculated and the operator alerted when a refill is required.


VZ 1300 

VZ 1800 

VZ 2400 

 Outer diameter [mm]  1320  1800  2400
 Billet diameter range [mm]  15 - 80  20 - 120  40 - 160
 Max. billet length [mm]  400  550  650
 Min. length to diameter ratio    1.3  1.3  1.3
 Max. feeding speed [mm/s]  60  60  60
 Average feeding speed [mm/s]  10 - 25  10 - 25  10 - 25
 Power [kW]  3  4.4  8.6
 Rated vibration speed [rpm]  1000  1000  1000
 Max. recommended stock weight [kg]  600  1000  1800
Weight of empty bowl feeder [kg]  1700  3500  6400


Vibratory bowl feeders VZ 1300, VZ 1800, VZ 2400


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