Mobile induction heaters for weld preheating and annealing

The aim of the company ROBOTERM Ltd. is to offer its customers with the widest range in the field of induction heating. For this reason we have included in cooperation with ELEKO Praha, Ltd. mobile induction heaters for weld preheating and annealing in our portfolio. These annealing machines are designed for heat treatment of welded joints to achieve the best possible properties of the welded material.
Our induction annealing machines have only direct air cooling, which makes them easy to use in different environments. The power elements are dimensioned with sufficient margin to ensure their long service life and thus trouble-free operation of the whole annealing machine.
The control panel with measuring devices is during transport safely protected against damage by a lockable cover.
The induction annealing machines are equipped with a programmable temperature controller and a six-curve or twelve-curve digital temperature recorder.
The control system is very small and highly reliable. It is equipped with output voltage, current and power limiters.

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