Induction heaters with built-in transistor converter

Type Power
Description Production
KSO-T 400/4-C30 400OP2017CZE
KSO-T 200/20 200OP2008DZA
KSO-T 120/20 120OP2006CZE
KSO-T 100/20 100OP2004CZE


OP - Heating billets
OP-R - Heating billets - recondition
OT - Heating bars
OT-R - Heating bars - recondition
OTU - Heating pipes
OKTU - Heating pipes' ends
OS - Heating screws
OKT - Heating bars' ends
OD - Heating wires
ODDV - Heating parts of mine framings
TP - Melting furnace
KL-R - Forging line - recondition
OAL-R - Heating Al billets - recondition
OPD - Heating flat pieces
PSN - Brazing lathe tools
OMSK - Heating brass circles
KST - Hardening machine
KST - Hardening machine for pipes
KSK - Hardening machine for hammers

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