Compact Mid-frequency Heater KSO 40/15-A15 of output series 40 kW


Induction heater is used for induction heating of tubes and rod ends with circular cross-section up to forging temperature. It consists of input mechanisms, a heater box (with a built-in frequency converter) and an inductor.
Input mechanisms are designed in a way enabling two ways of putting cold pieces in.

  • Pieces up to 200 mm of length are put in by the operator to an oblique container where the deposit of ca 5 pieces can be made. A mechanical pressure bar pushes the pieces from the container into the inductor one by one. When a piece is pushed in, another heated one is pushed out of the inductor.
  • To heat the rod ends long 1500 – 3000 mm, the oblique container has to be removed and the mechanical pressure bar has to be leaned off inductor axis. The operator puts the rods on supporting rollers and with the means of them pushes the rods into the inductor manually. The operator is advised by light signal that the time of heating is over and the induction heating has been switched off automatically.

Due to the following technology of processing the heated pieces, the heater is equipped with central uplift which enables to adjust the height of the inductor axis in the range of ± 25 mm.
The induction heater is controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) made in Unitronics. The operation is done from the control box with buttons and the communication panel. All failures of the heater are displayed in text on this panel, including the instructions for troubleshooting.

Basic Technical Parameters KSO 40/15-A15

Heated Material magnetic steel
Billet Dimensions Ø D [mm] 30 - 60
Length l [mm] 75 - 200 ; 1500 - 3000
Tube Dimensions Ø D [mm] 57/48
Length l [mm] 100
Power Input [kVA]  54
Input voltage [V] 3 x 400
Frequency [Hz]  50
Power [kW] 40
Nominal output voltage [V]  600
Output frequency [kHz]  6 - 8
Maximum Process Capacity [kg/h]  66
Billet Delivery Temperature [°C] 1200

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