Compact Mid-Frequency Heater KSO 300/3-C30 Power Class 300 kW

This heater series is designed for induction heating of square or round cross-sectional steel billets up to forging temperatures. One part of this system is the bin unloader, which handles emptying the bins into the vibratory drum feeder.  The billets leave the drum feeder oriented lengthwise and consecutively to a conveyor with a roller mechanism.  These rollers are driven and their rotation speed can be adjusted on the control panel.  The roller mechanism feeds the billets into the inductor.  Billets can leave the inductor one of two ways:

  1. Gravitationally - this is rather designed for shorter billets.  The billets fall into a fixed chute.
  2. Roller extractor - must be manually set in place for longer billets just after the inductor exit.

This helps guide the billets leaving the inductor in such a manner that that billet exit angle doesn't change until the entire billet is clear of the inductor core.

For both exit systems, it is possible to use a billet separator which functions to separate billets which are occasionally stuck to each other.  Furthermore, the heater is equipped with a hot billet sorter, which blocks improperly-heated billets (either underheated or overheated) from being delivered to the press.  Heater controls are handled by a Unitronics programmable logic controller (PLC).  The temperature of each billet is measured by a non-contact pyrometer and the date/time stamp and temperature value can be saved to the PLC memory.  The operator interfaces with the induction heater using the control panel which includes push-buttons and the PLC interactive display.  The heater parameters (desired temperature, power level, temperature ranges, employee code, etc) is all set on the PLC display. This same display also communicates any faults in the induction heating system to the operator.


Basic Technical Parameters of the KSO 300/3-C30

Heated Material   magnetic steel
Billet Dimensions  Ø D [mm] 35 - 90
Length l [mm] 1,2 D - 300
Power Output  [kW] 250
Frequency Range [kHz] 1 - 3
Maximum Process Capacity  [kg/h] 600
Exit Billet Temperature   [°C] 1250

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