20 Years of the Company ROBOTERM in Chotěboř


Published in the magazine Chotěbořské Echo

ROBOTERM spol. s r.o. was gradually formed between 1991 and 1992 after privatization of the state-backed enterprise ROBOTERM Chotěboř.

The main manufacturing programme of the company is the development and production of mid-frequency induction heaters especially for forging industry.  Our experts have been working in the field of induction heating and issues relating to it since the mid-1970's.  During this time, we have designed and manufactured a few generations of  static mid-frequency converters and many product lines, models, and sub-models of  mid-frequency induction heaters including specialized heaters. For solving new application processes in this field we cooperate among others with various companies, the primary of them being  ČVUT - FEL Praha a FSI VUT Brno.
The most pronounced Czech-based customers of our induction heating systems are ŠMERAL Brno a.s.KOMAP Dědov s.r.o.Šroubárna Kyjov s.r.o.ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá BoleslavOSTROJ a.s. OpavaVÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS a.s. OstravaMSV METAL Studénka a.s.KOVÁRNA VIVA a.s. Zlín a ŽĎAS a.s. Žďár nad Sázavou. Internationally, customers are also familiar with our products as we have exported to Algeria, Belarus, China, Finland, India, Iran, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Slovakia and Spain.

Another manufacturing programme of the company is the development and production of equipment for diagnoses of car and lorry chassis. Our employees have been dealing with this issue since the early 1990´. During that time  a line of types and subtypes of cylinder brake testers for both passenger and commercial vehicles have been designed as well as shock absorber testers and toe-in testers for passenger vehicles. Designing these devices our company cooperates with  the Faculty of Machinery Engineering of  Technical University in Liberec, CZ.
Up until the year 1999, all the systems we manufactured were exported. The most notable of our foreign buyers are customers in England, Belgium, Hungary, and Slovakia. Our testing lines can also be found in countries such as Brazil, France, Holland, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Turkey. Since 1999 testing lines made in Roboterm have been installed in in 160 inspection centers and repair shops.

In the framework of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation in years 2011-2012 the company succeded in receiving  50% of  subsidy  from the EC Structural Funds for the project ´Modernization of the Roboterm operating building´ and ´Innovation of ICT in Roboterm company´. In the first mentioned project the main administrative building and production hall  including roofs and skylights were insulated. In the second one, a new integrated information system is being delivered and implemented in the company. This year a comprehensive repair of sewerage and subsequent treatment of all technical areas have been made.

Currently the company successfully replaces the supply shortages to Czech-Slovak and Western European markets by exports  to the countries of the former Soviet Union, particularly to Belarus and Ukraine. Now the company employs approximately 50 employees and has the annual sales of ca 70 million Czech crowns.

Ing. Břetislav Pour, CSc.
Factory Director 

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